Sea & Sand Band’s Area Gig Dates

The Sea & Sand Band is a group of 13 musicians based out of Sunset Beach.  Made up of mostly retirees, the Sea & Sand Band began playing together in November 2014, playing our first public show about a year later. The band formed out of an inquiry in our neighborhood (Sea Trail) newsletter looking for any neighbors wanting to get together for a little jam session. Seven neighbors answered the call, and started having fun. Out of those early living room jam sessions the Sea & Sand Band was born.

Playing across southeastern North Carolina in support of various local and national charities the Sea & Sand Band have entertained crowds, large and small. We play a variety of music from old standards, R&B, jazz, rock and beach music so we have any musical taste covered. We would enjoy playing for your next event so give us a call or drop us an email.  To keep all the residents up to date on the Band’s area gigs, please check out their Website/Calendar and/or follow them on their Facebook page

Also you can quickly find their play dates with all of the area community concert series bands and dates on the website Home page under the box entitled 2024 Local Summer Concert Series