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It has been brought to our attention that a question has been asked that needs further clarification.

CAMS charges a fee for a certificate of assessment anytime a home closes.  The reason that there is a separate charge for this is because it is a legal packet of information that requires time to assemble.  The charge for this time is outside the scope of the contract, and it is specific to a homeowner who is choosing to sell.  The real estate agent or closing attorney can explain charges on a HUD statement if questions arise.  When a property is sold there are usually requests for disclosures submitted by the closing attorney or other parties to the transaction.  There are costs associated with these disclosure services and resale processing tasks which are not part of ordinary day-to-day management.  CAMS certifies the estoppel document and assumes liability for the disclosures, independent of the association. The fees will vary depending on which services are requested, and the proration of fees is determined by the closing attorney as part of the settlement calculations.

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