Beginning today (5/13/2024), the Byrd Course has officially closed for the summer for the multi-million dollar renovation and revitalization project. The renovation process marks the beginning of the new chapter coming to the Byrd course and Sea Trail Golf Resort!

Besides the Byrd course, other exciting renovations are taking place across Sea Trail Golf Resort including at the Jones / Byrd Clubhouse, Sunset Cove, and Sunset Tiki / Village Activity Center. During these endeavors, your safety remains our top priority. We kindly ask for your cooperation in adhering to the following rules at all places closed for renovations within Sea Trail Golf Resort.

No Access to Closed Areas or Spaces Under Renovations

Access to all areas under renovation is strictly prohibited. Any violations will be considered trespassing and be referred to law enforcement authorities. This includes anywhere on the Byrd Golf Course, around and inside the Jones / Byrd Clubhouse, and around and inside the Village Activity Center & Sunset Tiki. Additional signage and barriers will be placed to assist with indicating closed areas.

Don’t Interfere with Renovation Work: It’s essential to refrain from interfering with the renovation process, including disrupting workers and entering construction areas.

Respect Materials and Markings: Please do not remove any tape, markers, or other materials placed by the renovation team. These are vital for guiding the renovation process and ensuring accuracy.

Avoid Large Equipment: Large equipment and machinery will be used through renovations, please stay away from them for your safety.

Sea Trail Golf Resort is thrilled about the multi-million dollar renovation project happening to the Byrd course this summer, and the incredible transformation it will bring!  Preparations have begun for the closure of the course on May 13th!

Byrd Course Renovations & Improvements

  • Renovation Project Spearheaded by Golf Course Architect, Tim Cate.
  • Brand-new expanded Tif Eagle Bermuda Greens
  • Renovated Bunkers with the “Better Billy Bunker” system
  • Select teeing areas will be leveled and expanded
  • Tree removal to assist with course layout & cart path longevity
  • New & improved Waste bunkers, cart paths, and expanded fairways
  • All new bridges
  • A brand new irrigation system with new controllers
  • Landscape beautification throughout
  • All new directional signage
  • New Bunker Rakes, Flagsticks, Flags, Cups, & Tee Markers
  • New in-ground trash cans and new hydration stations


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